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Little Carnivores

Sarracenia “Moltres”

Sarracenia “Moltres”

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Enter Sarracenia “Moltres”

This is a heavy hitter Little Carnivores seed grown original you won’t find anywhere else to date. (a result of crossing ‘Leah Wilkerson’ x ‘Ares’) This is our first release of this plant of that was bred and germinated in 2019.

S. “Moltres” is a medium height plant with pitchers reaching 20-24” in height (so far). It exhibits deep maroon coloration and sturdy traps with large exquisite frilly lids. 

Buyer will receive a large, bare root division of S. “Moltres” rinsed free of all media. Pitchers/leaves will be attached. 

*we will only be releasing this one division in 2024

As always, shipping is free of charge. 

*photo of mother plant for visual representation. Division purchased will be pulled from this exact plant*



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