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Little Carnivores

Sarracenia leucophylla “Red” (Mark Eley) - *Rare*

Sarracenia leucophylla “Red” (Mark Eley) - *Rare*

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This fresh division of Sarracenia leucophylla “Red” (Mark Eley) is available as shown! 

Sarracenia leucophylla “Red” (Mark Eley) is an extremely rare color morph of S. leucophylla that grows to immense sizes. Late in season when all the white pitcher plants begin to show off, this one easily stands out from the crowd. It’s pitchers grow upwards of 36”+ and are extremely “sturdy” and robust. Exhibiting a bright maroon tube with exquisite, bright pink accents. 

This plant will be shipped bare root as shown, rinsed free of all media. All leaves/pitchers will be attached. 

As always, shipping is free of charge. 

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