Collection: Utricularia (Bladderwort)


Utricularia are a genus of over 200+ currently known species varying greatly in shape, size and flower color. Unlike other carnivorous plants, Utricularia exhibit bladder like traps that grow underneath the media surface. Hence the common name, "Bladderwort." They will often be found growing in nutrient-poor boggy locations, even commonly growing out into open water. Utricularia are considered to be one of the worlds most widespread genera of carnivorous plants, as many species are highly adaptable to a range of growing conditions. 

Care Tips:


Partial shade to full sun 


Pure water is required to grow these plants successfully long term. It is recommended to keep TDS (total dissolved solid) levels below 50ppm.


Nutrient deficient media (professional grade peat moss, sphagnum moss, most species can also be grown aquatic)