Collection: Heliamphora


Heliamphora, also known as the "sun pitcher plant" are known to be sensitive growers in cultivation. Requiring slightly more care and patience than some other carnivorous plants. They are however, extremely rewarding to grow. 

The genus Heliamphora is comprised of 23 known species that are indigenous only to South America. Growing atop tropical, flat, mountain top like landforms called tepuis which can range from 1200m – 2800m above sea level. 

Care Tips:


Heliamphora enjoy extremely bright light exposure. LED light has been revolutionary in the cultivation of Heliamphora as it produces much less heat than a traditional T5 grow light.


Pure water is required to grow these plants successfully long term. It is recommended to keep TDS (total dissolved solid) levels below 50ppm.


Temperature ranges between 45-95°F. Heliamphora can tolerate warmer daytime temperatures if given more significant night time temperature drops.




Nutrient deficient media (professional grade peat moss, sphagnum moss, Fluval Stratum etc.)


No dormancy required