Collection: Darlingtonia californica (Cobra Pitcher Plant)


Darlingtonia californica (Cobra Pitcher Plant) are native only to saturated, boggy areas across Northern California and Western Oregon. Its bulbous traps with winged leaves represent its common name well. Growing these plants in cultivation can be tricky in certain portions of the county (United States). Cool nights are need as temperatures rise during the summer months. These plants can also tolerate brief periods of ice and snow. 


Care Tips:


Darlingtonia enjoy dappled to bright light exposure. LED light has been revolutionary in the cultivation of Darlingtonia indoors as it produces much less heat than a traditional T5 grow light.


Pure water is required to grow these plants successfully long term. It is recommended to keep TDS (total dissolved solid) levels below 30ppm.


Temperature ranges between 50-90°F during the summer months. Lower temps (combined with lessened photoperiod) for a period of time will send this plant into dormancy. High temperatures for prolonged periods of time, without a substantial temperature drop can be fatal. 


Nutrient deficient media is reccommended. (pure professional grade peat moss works best for us, in our conditions). These plants are also said to be able to handle soils high in toxic or heavy metals.