Collection: Cephalotous follicularis (Albany Pitcher Plant)


Cephalotus follicularis also known as the “Albany Pitcher Plant” is a genus of carnivorous plant from Australia that has more recently made its way to the United States. We offer some of the rarest clones in the world, as well as some of our own in house creations. 

In nature, these plants are indigenous only to the southern coastal districts of the Southwest Botanical Province in Australia and exist in a genus of but one known species (monotypic). Its habitat typically consists of peat and sand beds along streams and creeks. Their climate can be described as very mild, consisting of warm dry summers followed by warm wet winters.

Care Tips:


Cephalotus follicularis enjoy extremely bright light exposure. LED light has been revolutionary in the cultivation of Cephalotus as it produces much less heat than a traditional T5 grow light.


Pure water is required to grow these plants successfully long term. It is recommended to keep TDS (total dissolved solid) levels below 50ppm.


Temperature ranges between 70-90°F. Lower temps (combined with lessened photoperiod) for a short period of time can send this plant into a brief dormancy. 


Nutrient deficient media (pure professional grade peat moss works best for us, in our conditions)


Yes (brief and mild)