Wholesale Carnivorous Plants

Little Carnivores also offers carnivorous plants for education, research and re-sale. Our wholesale stock is ever-changing. Contact us via email at any time for current pricing and availability.

Typical Wholesale Stock Includes:

  • Dionaea muscipula (venus flytraps)
  • Drosera (assorted temperate)
  • Drosera (assorted tropical)
  • Sarracenia flava (assorted, seed grown)
  • Sarracenia leucophylla (assorted, seed grown)
  • Sarracenia moorei (assorted, seed grown)
  • Sarracenia purpurea ssp. purpurea (assorted, seed grown)
  • Utricularia longifolia (bladderwort)

Wholesale order requirements and details:

  • 100 plant minimum per order
  • Lead time 2-3 weeks
  • All wholesale plants will be shipped bare root, rinsed free of all media

Email: grow@littlecarnivores.com